Jennifer Harrison, MSc, GISP


Workshop: Making Better Maps

Abstract: There is a big difference between making a map and making a good map. A good map tells a story, without complication and without the need for the author to interpret the story. In ArcGIS, there are techniques that allow you to get all the right information on the map without complicating the message, such as choosing symbols and labels wisely, using definition queries, selection queries and graphic filters, and putting the right map elements on the page. This talk covers tips and tricks on making those choices, as well as understanding visual hierarchy – how to draw attention to certain details and away from others to tell the right story with your map.

Bio: Jennifer Harrison is the president of TeachMeGIS, a GIS training center based in Houston, Texas. She has a B.A. in Mathematics and a M.S. in Geosciences from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. She has been consulting in the GIS field since 1992 and has been teaching Esri software since 1997.

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