Mike Tully, MBA, MS, CP, GISP


President & CEO
Aerial Services, Inc

Keynote - March 6

March 6 - GITA-CGA 811 Shared Event

Just How Accurate is Your Drone?

Abstract: Understanding the fundamentals of remote sensing, mapping, photogrammetry remain important for new practitioners of drones. But just as importantly, practicing remote sensing, mapping, and GIS professionals need to be able to understand the hype from reality in the "age of the drones". Just how accurate is my drone? What accuracy specifications are realistic for my project? Which manufacturer claims of positional accuracy are bogus?

In this session, we will examine fundamental "truths" about mapping and drones that are neglected only to the practitioners' peril. Aircraft, sensor, software, and procedural factors that impact positional accuracy will be discussed so the professional can set expectations for drone data acquisition and delivery. The latest positional accuracy studies completed by Aerial Services for three drone systems (cameras and lidar) will be reviewed to learn just how accurate your drone could be and under what conditions.

Bio: Mike Tully is the President & CEO of Aerial Services, Inc. located in the heartland of Iowa. He is a certified photogrammetrist and GIS-professional, holds a MS in Forestry, and an Masters in Business Administration. Mike has been leading this company and writing about the remote sensing and mapping profession for two decades. He is a technologist, and innovator and thinker, and is the head of "Getting Right Things Done Well" at Aerial Services.

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