Theresa Chavez, CSM

Director of Sales and Marketing
CartoPac International

March 6 - GITA-CGA 811 Shared Event

Implementing As-Built & Leak Survey Data Collection & Maintenance Systems

Abstract: With impending government regulations, it has become incumbent that gas utilities begin to convert their legacy work processes into the digital realm. With the pending ASTM F2897 Plastic Pipeline Standard Specification for Material Tracking and Traceability, regulations will require Gas Distribution Pipelines to codify key attributes of a 16-digit code, in addition to who installed it, what was installed, when was it installed, where was it installed, and how was it installed. This includes the use of high accuracy GPS units, barcode scanning and decoding in the field and field hardened mobile devices all in an environment that can be hostile at times.

Using a wide variety of actual experiences, CartoPac will demonstrate best practices and implementation experiences learned during the process of designing and deploying distributed systems that connect many field users to complex enterprise databases and existing work processes. It is clearly important to implement a solution that will improve the efficiency and accuracy of capturing material and location information that is Traceable, Verifiable, and Complete. It is equally important to be able to implement and deploy a solution that is easy to use for quick field adoption that will provide the significant safety value for each mobile field user and to the public.

Bio:  Theresa has over 20 years of experience in software development where she has held positions in Research & Development, Professional Services, Quality Assurance, Customer Support and Information Technology. Theresa started her career working as an intern at Amoco Production Company where she developed an interest for integrating technology to improve business process efficiency. This interest lead her to Hewlett-Packard where she spent the majority of her career developing, implementing, supporting and managing technical solution implementations as an Engineer, Project Manager, Program Manager and Quality Assurance Manager. With her repeated success in leading the development, implementation and support of software products and projects, she quickly moved into the role of the Research and Development Manager with Harris Govern, where she earned her certification as a Scrum Master implementing Agile principles. Adept in improving quality, productivity and effectiveness in organizations, she decided to make a career change into Sales & Marketing where she could utilize her skills in collaboration with all levels of the organization, customers and suppliers to drive key initiatives to achieve business objectives.

Theresa is currently the Director of Sales & Marketing at CartoPac International where she has managed and implemented solutions for Oil & Gas, Gas Utilities, Electric Utilities, Municipalities and Engineering & Consulting. Theresa has built and manages a dynamic sales and marketing team with the focus of providing customers the most flexible, robust and complete enterprise mobile solution for data collection, asset management, inspection, reporting and more.

She received her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, with minors in Math and Geography from the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado.

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