Josh Reinard

Abstract: In order to comply with Pennsylvania law, owners of unconventional wells are required to submit and display on site 911 emergency response information as well as a Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency (PPC) Plan for each well site during drilling, completion or alteration activities. The GIS team at Range Resources devised a plan to utilize tools already available in house to generate an easy to use online resource for end users to access and generate the plans as needed on demand. The plan leverages the use of ArcGIS and FME to generate the base information required for the plans, and the data is served out to end users through Range’s web based mapping platform built on ArcGIS Server and Geocortex by Latitude Geographics. In the past, prior to well pad construction maps were generated by pulling related but disparate information from many sources to compile a thorough and accurate source of emergency information: Directions to well sites were created by one person and stored in a place of their choosing, the database of municipality-approved 911 address for well sites in another, coordinates for the access roads and well pads in another – and so on. One of the main problems with this was that if one of these pieces was not done in time or was incorrect, then the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) map could be late which could delay the start of well pad construction. The other issue was that once the ERP maps were made, they were static. If any number of circumstances changed there was no quick and easy way to make the change across ALL the well sites’ ERP maps. An additional requirement is a list of Range Resources employee emergency contacts. When one of those contacts’ responsibilities changed to someone else or even simply their phone number changed, it required changing on ALL of the ERP maps and PPC Plans and had to be resubmitted to the State. Changes were made to prevent the need for updating phone numbers. For these reasons, we found it necessary to streamline how all the information and data was collected and maintained and utilized several common software assets including our widely used web-based mapping platform to build a tool that Environmental Compliance specialists can generate all the necessary documents with a few mouse clicks.

Bio: Josh Reinard has spent 10 years in the geospatial industry working in both the public and private sectors. He got his start working in a regional GIS role in South Carolina and moved into city planning. Since 2009 Josh has been employed by Range Resources Corporation in their Canonsburg, Pennsylvania office where he has managed GIS data in all facets of drilling operations.

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