Bob Basques

AbstractCOMPASS is the City of Saint Paul, MN geographic information discovery tool used by numerous departments of the city.  Built on the popular GeoMOOSE open source software project, this web browser based tool has been in use for over fifteen years and is home to more than 300 different geospatial datasets.  In addition to connecting multiple platforms and live connections to 19 different databases, it has been integrated with non-traditional GIS systems such as billing and asset management.

Bio: From work at the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, Bob has extensive experience with GIS web services and enterprise geospatial publishing projects. His efforts to date have focused on design and management of the data catalog for the City’s COMPASS mapping interface, which feeds the enterprise master spatial data set to desktop applications such as AutoCAD and ESRI based products. The COMPASS application is built on the GeoMOOSE open source project software, of which Bob is a founding member. Bob has been involved in GIS related community projects for the last fifteen years. From his diverse “front line” experience, Bob has gained extensive knowledge in data publishing and distributed data maintenance issues and techniques.

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25 West 4th Street
1000 City Hall Annex
St. Paul, MN, 55102

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