Natalie Fisher, MS, GISP

Manager, GIS
EPCOR Water Services Inc.

Abstract: Situation Awareness ensures that we have all the information we need to work safely, improve operational efficiencies, reduce cost and ensure a positive customer experience. The Situational Awareness Map is available to everyone in EPCOR Water Canada from anywhere at any time, and it provides us with key information on the state of Edmonton’s Water Distribution and Transmission System. The map’s information is readily available and helps to reduce most “back and forth” communication between employees who need to respond to or take action to address an emerging situation. The Situation Awareness Map has a specific theme “building awareness across functional areas”, and has 10 data sources broken into 17 data layers to ensure ease of use and quick navigation. Subject Matter Experts (SME) from plant operations and water distribution and transmissions identified the top ten datasets that are used as indicators for system reliability. These indicators include locations where EPCOR monitors low pressure, plans for extended transmission man shut downs and unrepaired water main breaks. The data sets identified were being managed in various systems and had to be extracted and displayed in one single web mapping application. Additionally some datasets are temporal in nature and as such required an environment that allows for frequent and automatic updates. EPCOR Water Canada used two applications (ArcGIS Online and FME) to implement the solution. The result was the Situational Awareness Map (SAM), a web based mapping solution. At its core it’s a lightweight, portable, configurable map that visualises key spatial data for EPCOR Water Canada’s operations in Edmonton.

Bio (Fisher): Natalie Fisher has 17 years of experience in the GIS Industry. In her career she has held various positions including Sr. GIS Analyst, GIS Applications Specialist, GIS Consultant and GIS Instructor. Since 2010, Natalie has held the position of Manager, GIS with EPCOR Water Services Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As the GIS Manager, Natalie is responsible for managing the maintenance of the GIS Database and all systems that are enabled from or integrated with it.


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